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Welcome to Pock A Punch!


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Welcome to Pock A Punch!

Oscar Ramirez

Pock A Punch has been a passion project of mine for a little over a year now. I began this journey with a dream to provide high quality shirts that allow you to carry a little bit of what you love with you, wherever you go. I became heavily inspired by the different artists that I would meet at anime/pop culture conventions and how people would come see them personally to meet and take home a bit of their art. The only issue is that the art, often times, stays on a wall at home, or rolled up in a tube in the garage. My goal is to create a platform that allows artists to celebrate their communities through these t-shirts. Imagine being an a fan of a particular artist/creator and being able to carry around something that they designed snugly in the pocket of your t-shirt.

The journey has just begun, and I plan to actively post here and share what I am doing, where we are going, and plans for the future. I welcome you in following my journey as a first time business owner and hope to serve you and many more and continue to provide a high quality product that you’d be delighted to wear.



Founder at Pock A Punch